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Braun Cruzer 6 Trimmer High Definition 5363

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  • Bruan Cruzer 6 Precision High Definition Trimmer Type 5363.

    The two-in-one trimmer for trimming and styling without limits

    The cruZer6 Precision is right on target when it comes to fine-tuning your style. Featuring a trimming head with extra-fine teeth, this versatile styling tool gives you the freedom of customised precision work. No matter if you want to style or trim your sideburns, moustache or any other details of your facial hair, the cruZer 6 Precision is a great tool to add the finishing touches to your style.

    The cruZer6 Precision is sharp and small for styling hard-to-reach areas and when working on precise shapes and contours. It comes with two additional trimming combs of different lengths for easy and convenient fine-tuning of your perfectly trimmed style.

    Style - define sharp lines for precise beard styles

    The cruZer 6 Precision trimmer boasts an extra small head for styling hard-to-reach areas and shapes. Its small trimming element allows for particularly close-to-the-skin styling and gives your facial hair sharp edges and precise contours.

    Trimmer - trim facial hair to two different lengths

    With the two provided trimming combs of 5 mm and 8 mm, the cruZer 6 Precision trimmer makes it easy for you to keep facial hair at your desired length. Simply choose one of the two trimming settings and keep small areas like sideburns, moustache or eyebrows in check with maximum precision.

    Small, handy and easy to clean

    The cruZer 6 Precision is remarkably easy to handle and clean. Being smaller than a pen, it fits in every toiletry bag and is the perfect device for both at home and on the road. To clean the trimmer, you only have to remove the trimmer head and rinse it under running water.

    Additional features

  • Washable head and combs
  • Battery operated (AAA Duracell battery included in the box)