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Enevu CUBE Mood & Utility LED Light - Pink

  • Details

    CUBE is a super-compact yet powerful portable light for all kinds of needs in and out of the house. Say goodbye to over-bright hotel room lighting or excessively bright nightstand lights. Say hello to awesome long-running portable light in case of a power outage or when you want to entertain guests at an impromptu house gathering.
    Color mode is great for entertaining as well as for relaxing and can even add inspiration to yoga or meditation. Unlike typical camping lanterns, CUBE provides smoothly diffused glare-free light in various brightness levels as well as vivid slowly changing color light (the color can be “locked” too).
    For times when you need to navigate around a dark basement or a campsite, the diffusor can be removed, turning the base of CUBE into a powerful wide-beam spotlight making for safe walking over treacherous terrain. CUBE is water-resistant and drop-tested for serious outdoor use but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it at home!

    What Enevu CUBE Mood & Utility LED Light offers:

    • Useful: Powerful white light - up to 100 Lumen - up to 100 hours
    • Special: Color changing light & ability to lock current color 
    • Serious: Emergency flash mode up to 48 hours
    • Complete: Includes batteries & hanging hook & diffusor 
    • Compact & Durable: Highly packable at only 2" and 100g (3.42oz) - engineered for toughness - IPX4 splashproof
    • Stay in control with bright light anytime, anywhere 
    • Enjoy comfortably lit nights with friends indoors or outdoors 
    • Arrange colourful parties around the house or in the garden
    • Stay prepared for power outages during storms and hurricanes
    • Rest assured with your own light source during travel
    • Great fun for the kids for treehouses & exploring
    • Stylish design – easy on the eyes!
    • Highly engineered – built to last
    • Size: 52.5 x 52.5 x 52.5mm, 2.05" x 2.05" x 2.05"
    • Weight: 97g (62g + batteries), 3.42oz (2.18oz + batteries)
    • Materials: ABS/TPR, PC, AS, custom stainless-steel screws
    • Drop test: up to 1m height