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Amope GelActiv Everyday Heels Insoles W5-10 1 Pair

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    Amopé GelActiv insoles make any shoe more comfortable. From flats to open shoes, everyday heels or extreme heels, these gel insoles will help any shoe feel more comfy. Amopé Insoles for everyday heels are reusable and easy to reposition, but will stay securely in place during wear. To remove Amopé insoles, simply pull them slowly and gently out of the shoe. You can easily move your gel insoles between similar style shoes, but be sure to replace your gel insoles after 6 months or first signs of wear.

    What Amope GelActiv Everyday Heels Insoles W5-10 1 Pair offers:

    • GelActiv Technology
    • Specifically designed for shoes with heels below 2.2 Inches
    • Women’s sizes 5-10
    • Extra slim for invisible comfort
    • Provides extra comfort for ball of foot
    • Does not crowd toes
    • Reusable shoe cushions
    • 1 pair gel insoles for left/right shoe

    How to Insert and Position Your Amopé Gelactiv Insoles for Everyday Heels
    Ensure inside of shoe is clean and dry before using gel insoles. Remove plastic backing and look for marking to indicate which ultra thin insole is for the left (L) shoe versus the right (R). Place each Amopé GelActiv insole into the appropriate shoe, sticky side down, so that the raised area of the insole makes direct contact with the arch of your foot. Reposition as needed so that the arch support fits under the natural arch of the foot.