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Rubz Full Body Massage Tool

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    “Massage Sore, Tight and Tired Muscles” Rubz Full Body massage tool uses ancient Asian acupressure techniques to apply pressure to relax muscles, reduce tension and increase circulation.  Unique design allows you to precisely target affected areas. Simply grasp Rubz Full Body Massage tool in your hand and apply pressure to effected area, the numerous stimulating fingers will provide soothing relief for sore, tight and tired muscles.

    What Rubz Full Body Massage Tool offers: 

    • Made in USA
    • Perfect for back, torso, legs or wherever you feel tension.
    • Precisely targets affected areas.
    • Stimulates circulation and promotes healing.
    • Kneading action stretches soft tissue such as muscles and fascia.
    • Control depth of massage by applied pressure.
    • Use Rubz anywhere at home, in the office, on a plane.