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A&D Medical Compact Digital Thermometer DT502EC

  • Details

    The DT-502EC is a compact personal thermometer designed for home use. It can be used orally, underarm or rectally. The display is easy to read meaning it is good for almost anyone to use. The temperature display can be in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit simply by holding the start button down for seven seconds, and prior to the new reading being taken, the thermometer recalls the last reading to facilitate the comparison of consecutive readings. The thermometer beeps to indicate when it is ready to use, and following the reading, the display lasts for 60 seconds before going into auto power off to maximise battery life. The thermometer is accurate to 0.1C, and when the temperature exceeds 37.5C, a fever alarm sounds to alert the user to the possibility of a raised temperature. The DT-502EC comes complete with a battery which can be expected to last for approximately 200 hours of use. The size of battery keeps the thermometer lightweight and portable. It also includes as standard an English instruction manual and a hard carry case to protect the thermometer when it is being carried in a bag or pocket. A thermometer is a key part of any home health kit, and the DT-502EC is a convenient, cost effective way of ensuring you and your family’s health is monitored.

    What A&D Medical Compact Digital Thermometer DT502EC offers:

    • Fever Alarm sounds when temperature exceeds 37.5 C
    • Recalls last temperature reading
    • Beeps to indicate ready to use and when peak temperature is reached
    • 60 seconds display
    • Includes instructions, battery and storage case